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Comments From Some Of The ChildrenI learned that there was more than 4,000 chemicals in one fag. We did fun stuff today. I wish we could learn more about our body like what is inside of it.Morgan DunnMy confidence has increased a lot at PGL because i was scared a lot then i saw it was fun.Matthew AllsopAt PGL i faced up to my fear of heights.Neve HughesAt PGL i learned to work as a team.Hannah CarterI like to come because i am always bored.Gypsey CarterI like to make things and to colour in pictures, i like to see the fish.Bobby AndersonI like coming to play on the computers and going outside and in the Funhouse.Macie LintonI come because it is fun and i like to play with my friend Italia.Holly StevensI like playing with my friend Holly and making kites and playing outside with them.Italia CarterI like playing tennis and playing on the WiiAiden CarterI like to draw and make stuff in the art & crafts areaSharifaI like to play on the Playstation and going outside with Callum, i really enjoy going in the FunhouseJoe JardineI enjoy playing on the Wii with JoeCallum SeamanI made charms and Mothers Day cardsCharlotte EllwoodIts good bacause we had fun playing Bully Bingo, My Self-Esteem and Wise Up gamesReanna KellyI go to HYPP to keep me out of trouble and the staff are friendlySophie Daymond

"I love to play in the ballpool and i love the staff like Bob, Jenna and all of the staff and i like to play with the other children" ... Ellie Carter

"I love to come here because the staff are really really nice and we get to play with nice stuff and even play in the funhouse" ... Millie Linton

"I can talk to my friends and play" ... Thomas Allsopp

"I loved to go fishing on the river" Ben Murray

"I like to play pool and funhouse, its fun" ... Josh Small

"I like coming on the water day you get foam on your head and and buckets of water" ... Bobbie Jo

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